Chemical Peel for Scar Removal – Seattle, Tacoma, and Federal Way

Helps with Acne and Wrinkle Reduction as well.

A chemical peel treatment involves the use of a special solution to remove damaged outer layers of skin. In the days and weeks following its application, this damaged skin will flake off, revealing fresh and revitalized skin underneath. Facial blemishes, wrinkles, uneven coloring, and acne scars will all give way to a smoother and more even complexion following your peel treatment.

Various solutions are available, including AHA (the lightest), TCA, and phenol (the deepest). As a rule, lighter peels require less recovery time than deep ones, but also require more treatments for optimal results. Treatments generally cause only mild stinging or discomfort, and anaesthetics are available for deeper peels and/or more sensitive clients. We will work with you to find a solution that balances effectiveness and compatibility with your lifestyle, and to determine what series of treatments will help realize the rejuvenated appearance you desire.